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Two restaurateurs, one ambition: Robert Brandhofer and Markus Gould take over a for this respect quite history-charged place in early 2017 to create a cosy environment for wine enthusiasts (and them who want to become such). Explicitely undogmatic. As you´re in a convential mood sometimes, sometimes you prefer to get loose of limiting structures.

Equally casual and contemporary presents Michael Gubiks kitchen conception: with pleasure but not rigidly local, seasonal, self hunted – it just has to be mouth watering. And it is!
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The name “Heunisch & Erben” refers to Heunisch (Gouais blanc) as grape variety that is seldom grown today but is important as the ancestor of many traditional Central European grape varieties. In Medieval times it was used to produce simple, acidic white wines, and were primarily grown in less good plots. DNA fingerprinting research has identified Heunisch as an ancestor of the Aligoté, Blaufränkisch, Gamay, Melon, Riesling and some other grape varieties.
Hence the heirs (“Erben”) are listed in our wine list / seen in the wine shelf.

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