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How did all this start? With “Mamma” obviously! The mother of all L’Osterias opened in 1999 in Nuremberg. Since then, our recipe has stood the test of time with fresh Italian cuisine, laid-back atmosphere, best, best pizzas going well beyond the edge of the plate and a value that you will consider tasty. Sounds like a good mix? It is indeed, as the L’Osteria family continues to grow. Today we have expanded to Augsburg, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Rosenheim, Regensburg, Ulm, and many other cities.

We have also arrived in Austria and Switzerland and are already looking forward to all the new bambini yet to come.
Naturalmente, because if there is one thing we Italians love, it is large families.

Once the doors open at L’Osteria, you’ll feel like you’re in a typical Italian osteria, where people get together to eat really well and enjoy the company of families, friends, couples, old and young. It is a lively atmosphere, and the delicious smell of authentic Italian cuisine lingers in the air. This is an open, welcoming place, where everyone can be themselves and feel at home.

L’Osteria is famous for the best, best pizza and pasta d’amore. The sizeable pizza is larger than the plate. It is frequently ordered by two persons with different toppings on each half. And wait until you see the pasta!

Our best best pizza is always prepared with love, served delightfully crispy-thin and big enough that the edge sticks out over the side of the plate. And the best part: on request, you can order it with different toppings on each half – perfect for sharing. We prepare the dough…

Opening Hours Lockdown: Take Away 12:00 – 19:00 —– Delivery 12:00 – 22:00 https://takeaway.losteria.at

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